Upload and Insert media in Canvas

To insert a file from your course Media Library, go to the desired area within Canvas (e.g. create an announcement, discussion post, or assignment).

Within the text editor, click the Warpwire icon Warpwire icon  (Fig. 1). This will allow you to choose and insert content directly into the editor. Pasting the Embed or Script HTML code into a rich text editor may not work.

Assignment page within Canvas

Fig. 1 - Assignment page within Canvas

  1. Click "Add Media" (the plus icon) in the upper-right of the Warpwire window to upload.
  2. Select "Upload Files" from the dropdown menu.
Add Content dropdown, 'Upload Files' selected

  1. You'll now be able to use the file browser on your personal computer to navigate to the file you'd like to upload. Find the file, select it, then click "Choose."
File Browser with video selected

  1. You'll now have a chance to edit the file's Title, and add a Description. When you're finished, click "Start Uploading."
User input fields for Title and Decription for uploaded file

  1. You'll be able to watch the progress bar as your file uploads. Once uploaded and processed, it will appear in the list of media files in your course Media Library.
  2. Once complete, click the filename to insert it.
Video upload in progress

  1. You also have an option to edit the Media Embed Settings prior to insertion. Simply click on the three-dot icon within the bottom insert button to view and change the settings.
Media Embed Settings options within the Canvas text editor

  1. You can see an inserted video when published.
Video embedded within assignment post

See also: Turn on Warpwire for your course, Capture and Insert Media.

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